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Sahara Soul uses colour guide technology that adjusts colour based on your skin tone, to complement all skin shades and types. Our brown-based products are uniquely crafted to deliver light to ultra dark results from one bottle. The exclusive colour blend works by counteracting and blending with the undertones of the skin, leaving you with a deep, natural, bronzed finish.

One bottle, four shades, tailored to you.

Created with Care

Sahara Soul was developed and created by 19 year Chloe Weinthal after overcoming diversity and life-altering challenges at a young age. This being the reason the Sahara Soul brand is so unique and stands on very strong ethical brand values.

What others are saying

I’ve been loving the Sahara Soul Face Tan Mist, its amazing


The colour is so natural yet more brown than any other tan I’ve used! Definitely my new go to tan!


The most natural looking brown based tan! Been testing this one for the last few months and it’s quickly become my fav because of how natural yet deep it looks.…


The tan is amazing so happy with the product, am absolutely loving it!! Literally my favourite tan I have used xx

Billie Rose White


Guys if you’re looking for a good face tan you need to give this one a go! I’ve absolutely loved using it the past couple of weeks as it doesn’t…


You guys know I’m on the hunt for an amazing tanning mist for your face – @saharasoul_ is AMAZING. It’s given me such a beautiful / tan glow!

Em Davies


“The colour is so great and it fades off really nicely without any patches”  

Steph Rayner

“Sahara Soul is my new go to! I’ve used it on every shoot since I’ve got it and it’s flawless every time!”

Kate Wasley

Kate is a beautiful Curve model from Perth, Western Australia. She has worked with companies such as Sports Illustrated and has a stunning new collection with Gooseberry Intimates. She uses Sahara Soul for all shoots and occasions!