What is the Golden Hour Dry Oil?

Hi Babes!

We wanted to take the time to personally introduce you to the brand new Golden Hour Dry Oil. This product is the new way to self tan!

It is a self tanning liquid that is rapid developing and forms over a 2-8 hour period. The longer you leave it on the darker it develops. It has been designed to tan the surface of your skin so does not clog pores, attach to dry skin or fade unevenly. It has colour guide technology to adapt to your skin tone and to ensure you can see exactly where you are applying.


It is so lightweight that you are able to fake tan over the top of it after just 2-3 days, so ideal for the beginning of the week when you want something quick and easy!

How to Use:

Step 1
For an even streak free tan use the Sahara Soul Skin Primer to ensure skin is clean and smooth.

Step 2
Lightly moisturise hands, knees and any dry areas.

Step 3 
Apply the Golden Hour  Dry Oil directly onto your application mitt and blend in a circular motion. It is important to spray onto the mitt as opposed to the skin to ensure even coverage and blending. Smooth oil over your legs, arms and body using sweeping motions.

Step 4 
Let develop over 2-8 hours, reapply after 30 minutes for an Ultra Dark effect.

Happy tanning and leave any questions in the comments bellow xox

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