Get Ready in 10 Minutes

If you’re anything like me, you have so much to do in one day and getting ready just takes up way too much time. Wether the problem starts from trying to choose an outfit to getting the right makeup look or just not being organised. Here are some tips to ensure you can be ready to walk out the door and start your day in under 10 minutes.

Design your outfit the night before, this is crucial! My favourite way to do this is to have a scroll through some of your favourite Instagram profiles for inspiration and emulate them. Another great source for fashion ideas is Pinterest! Pinterest is amazing for ideas and the outfit inspiration you are able to find is great. Once you have planned your outfit make sure it is set up ready to go for the morning.

Planning your make up look for the day. Once you have chosen your outfit for the next day deciding on your makeup is the easy part. Choose wether you would like to go with a natural or a more defined look and expand from there. My personal favourite look for day to day wear is a natural glowy look so I have attatched a few links and guides to my favourite tutorials. The next step is to then organise your makeup, have your makeup collection neat and tidy with your products easy to find, having this organised minimises stress and reduces the time of getting ready


Next we go with your hair, this step may not be relevant for some of you but for me this is always the most time consuming step in my morning routine as my hair is incredibly thick and unpredictable. I find the easiest way to combat this problem is do it the night before. By doing it the night before I mean either wash, straighten or curl depending on what you like to do. When the morning comes styling will be the easy part as the hard work is already done and just needs a touch up and perhaps some hair spray or oil.

Have your extras prepared. I always recommend having all your little bits and pieces sitting on a dresser or shelf ready to go. This may be your accessories, perfume or bag. Having it set aside ensures you won’t forget it and can grab it as you are ready to leave.

The key piece of information you should take away from this is organisation! It makes every less stressful and will get you ready in under 10 minutes. I would love to know how you go with following these steps so feel free to leave some comments below.


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