Four Steps that Ensure the Perfect Tan

Hi Lovelies,

For those of us that love to use self tanners we know the importance of a good-looking tan! This means even coverage, long lasting, natural looking, a great colour that compliments your skin tone, amongst many other factors. In this blog we will guide you through the keys to achieving a perfect tan every time.

There are four key steps to achieving the perfect tan:

  1. The Product
  2. The Application
  3. The Preparation
  4. The Aftercare

The Product 

Choosing the right tanning products is the most important step when it comes to the perfect tan. If you are to use a poor quality product the other steps are irrelevant. So when you choose a product make sure it is free of harmful chemicals, has a colour base that will suit your skin tone (brown suits all skin tones) and check for reviews/comments on the results of the tan.

The Application 

The application is another crucial part of self tanning. Firstly make sure you are using a nice even coverage mitt. Locate yourself in front of a mirror where there is a nice amount of natural light. Try to avoid rooms with a lot of shadow as this can make the application much more difficult. You want to pump 2-3 pumps of the product on to the mitt and work it in a circular motion on one body part at a time. Work this over the whole body until every area is covered. Once you have finished applying to the body use what is left over on the mitt sparingly over your neck and face. You want to use the excess tan on the mitt rather that applying product directly to the face as this can give an unnatural look. This same tip applies to the hands and feet. You should keep your tan dry and avoid excessive sweating for the amount of time that you are marinating in your tan for. Once this time is up you should shower and wash the excess tan off and pat dry.

The Preparation 

Preparing before your tan is another very important element to the process. You want to shower or bath prior to applying. A bath is recommended as it allows the skin to soak and makes exfoliating easier. You need to exfoliate and buff the skin to remove any dead or dry skin as well as old tan that may be on the skin. When you are finished bathing you should avoid putting on any moisturisers, makeup or deodorant as this cant affect the applicationtion. However, if you have dry areas for example elbows and ankles you should apply a small amount of moisturiser there to avoid a build up.

The Aftercare 

Now that you have completed these important steps we get to the after care. The key to after care is MOISTURISING, this cant be stressed enough. Moisturising morning and night will keep your tan plump and full of life. If you do not moisturise this is when your skin is more prone to drying up and cracking. Swimming in chlorine and salt water will not remove your tan but it may decrease the length of time it will last.

Now that you have read those key steps its time to tan! If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.

Enjoy xox

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