Building a More Confident You

What is confidence? We all deserve to have it and I’m sure many of us do but I’m also sure that many of us don’t. Is confidence about feeling pretty, getting attention, being liked or being popular? No it isn’t, yes these things feel nice and make us feel good about ourselves but these things are not giving us true internal confidence.

The true meaning of confidence is having 100% belief in yourself, valuing yourself, knowing your body and your mind and not needing any validation from others. The confidence I am talking about comes from within and cannot be given to you from another person. It is so crucial for our mental health to have an understanding of what we are worth, never think that you are less then you are.

Every single women deserves to feel beautiful and confident and that comes from within. So I have put together three basic steps to help you get there. Changing the way you think is not something that will happen over night and really does take a lot of time and persistence. BUT If you have taken the time to read this article then I guarantee you that you have the full ability to have complete confidence and to change the way you think.

Step 1: Find what makes you feel good about yourself

Find and identify the things that make you feel good about yourself. What makes you want to be better, and most importantly what do you enjoy doing? By doing all of the things that you enjoy and make you feel good about yourself you are slowly building up an internal happiness that makes you forget about feeling un-confident.

Step 2: Strengthen your mind

This can be done in so many ways but these are the few things that have changed my perception on life. Firstly understand that the world is not as bad as you think it is, there are some absolutely incredible things out there just waiting for you to discover them. Yes there are some bad things but the good outweigh the bad. Find something that interests you, wether it be beauty, makeup, fitness, nutrition, childcare, absolutely anything. Read about it , study it and take pure interest in that thing. Exercise!!! As much as you may not feel like exercising it is one of the most incredible things for improving your state of mind. By releasing endorphins you are guaranteed to feel better after a workout then you did before hand.

Step 3: Forget about what people think!

I cannot stress enough how crucial of a step this is to building a more confident you. You know yourself, you know what your doing and the derogatory opinions of others who do not truly love you is completely irrelevant. You have a right to dress, talk, walk and do whatever the hell you want the way that you want to! Like the issue of wearing “too much” makeup, who is it that gets to identify what is “too much” and what is not? You wear as much as you like. Personally I feel more confident wearing minimalistic makeup and that is my personal preference. Whatever you like doing you go right ahead and do it. You can’t control what others think of you wether it be positive or negative so don’t worry about it. Those who care about you will be there and will never put you down, everyone else doesn’t deserve to be around you anyway!

Please remember that you are beautiful and strong and that the only person that you need to convince of that, is yourself.


Chloe xox

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