10 Things to do: Cure Isolation Boredom

Hi Babes! 

We trust you are all well and staying safe! Let’s combat the coronavirus pandemic and embrace our time in self-isolation, we wanted to share with you 10 fun and productive activities to keep boredom at bay. Find bellow our recommendations to spice up your home calendar. 

Wine and Cheese Night 

We all know and love a night fuelled with your favourite wine, best girlfriends, cheese and crackers, so its time to get creative. Grab yourself a glass or two and get yourselves on Zoom. Catch up and spend time with those you love enjoying some of your favourite treats. 

Wardrobe Spring Clean

Its time to do that one thing you’ve been thinking about for months, a wardrobe spring clean. Put on your favourite Spotify playlist and sort through that marvellous wardrobe of yours. Potentially put some previously loved items onto your depop or donate them to an op shop near you. Don’t underestimate the feeling of declutter and calmness once this task is completed. 

Start a new Series

There has never been a better time to start or finish that series you have always wanted to watch. Get Netflix ready, put on your tracksuit and get ready for a marathon. Some of our favs include Greys Anatomy, Suits and Vampire Diaries!

Time to get Sweaty 

There has never been a better time to get sweaty and try a new workout! Maybe you want to start yoga, or change it up and try a fitness dance class (check out Project Jungle Body for some AMAZING online workouts for just $10 https://www.instagram.com/projectjunglebody/ ) It is a great time to get out of your comfort zone and take care of your health. 

Get Cooking 

Use this time to freshen up on some skills or potentially create some new ones. Find yourself some fantastic recipes and explore some fresh meals. Maybe you want to try some sugar-free protein balls or a delicious teriyaki salmon. 

Face Masks 

We all love the feeling of fresh, rejuvenated and clean skin. Get yourself your favourite face mask, or even make your own! Cleanse your skin, take a bath and relax. We highly recommend some of our favourites: Alya Skin, Glow Recipe and Summer Fridays.

Bring out your Inner Entrepreneur 

Maybe you have always wanted to own your own business, or do you have a great invention idea? Most entrepreneurs started their empires with their laptop in their bedroom. Use this time to research and strategise that one thing you’ve always wanted to do; it just takes that one leap of faith. 

Learn a Meditation Practice 

Meditation is an extremely powerful tool with the ability to calm your mind, boosts your creativity, reduces stress and helps you to handle adversity. Take the time for yourself and begin with a 5 minute guided practice, which can be found on youtube. 


I’m sure you have seen the TikTok craze taking over. Don’t underestimate the fun and enjoyment of dancing around in your lounge room! Scroll through and watch others and keep in mind they don’t need to be posted, do them for you and boost your mood.

Repair That Troubled Relationship 

Maybe you have recently felt strained from a loved one, or meaningful relationship of yours has been tested. Take this time to reach out, perhaps through a text, phone call or possibly a FaceTime. Use this time to reconnect and mend those things of importance. 

We hope this has helped to cure some of your boredom and we would LOVE to hear your favourite activities and how you went! Stay safe and take care. 

With Love,

Sahara Soul xx

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